Thursday, June 12, 2014


 Prof. K. K. Krishnan

Can you see the big picture without losing sight of the detail? Do you have the ability to balance passion with pragmatism? Are you quick thinking? Level headed? Do you have an agile mind? - Advertisement for Management Trainees by Deutsche Bank.

What you are seeing above is the description of an ideal Management Trainee. The qualities which corporates are looking for, irrespective of the domain area, will be on above lines. From my experience, I have observed that the ideal way to prepare for placement is to start early-from Day One that you are here in the campus. The task before you is to convert a “commodity” (yourself) into a “brand” in the two years that you are with us. In this case, the “commodity” is a vibrant human being with “infinite potential”!
(I)                 The foremost quality that you should aim to possess is self-awareness. That is, a realistic awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. This refers to your proficiency in desired areas (quantitative ability, English language proficiency, subject proficiency, the attitude one adopts towards achieving one’s goals, attitude towards others, sense of optimism or can do attitude etc.) Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses, work on strengthening the area which you consider “weak”.
(II)               Learn to “connect the dots”. In the world of business, every event is connected with some other event. For example, if demand for a certain category of goods is falling, it may be due to a shift in consumer taste, change in income levels, availability of low priced substitutes, inflation, change in technology etc. So be consciously aware of the “interconnectedness” of things and consciously cultivate the art of making connection by reading financial and regular newspapers, magazines, accessing useful internet sources like Wikipedia etc. Recruiters are on the lookout for nimble minds who can connect dots fast. This ability, signals the potential in you, which is a much valued trait which is predictive of success.
(III)             Be consistent in your habits, including study hours. “Last minute” preparation technique will be disastrous here. And aim at attaining a good academic level right from the First Trimester itself.
(IV)              Learn from your peers, in addition to other regular sources of learning. You will find talented peers in the class who are proficient in certain areas where you’re not that strong. Interact and do networking with them to learn from them. Also gradually learn to connect with your seniors and super seniors, who are BIMTECH alumni through the INMOS platform, unique to insurance students.
(V)                Hone your communication skills and interpersonal skills by participating in BIMTECH Clubs like Majlis, QCB or by taking active part in CCR activities. Do not hesitate to ask questions in class and join the classroom discussions to get rid of your fear of speaking before an audience.
(VI)              Interact with your faculty who are always there to help you–and get your doubts clarified as soon as doubts arise. Keep proper class and other notes.
(VII)            Make full use of our amazing library facilities and the various data banks with the library. (“Reading maketh a ready man” said Bacon.) You will evolve into a “quick thinker”.
(VIII)          Visualize a preferred career specialization in the area of your choice and start building up a knowledge base in the area. Also cultivate the qualities of Curiosity, Insight, Engagement and Determination, eagerly sought by recruiters.
(IX)              Adopt constructive ways to de-stress yourself (like Yoga, Meditation, Light Cycling, Gym etc.). Try to keep yourself cheerful and motivated. Recruiters prefer optimists!
 [P.S. - The unstated Xth Commandment is: Be totally Honest in your thoughts, words and deeds.]